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Name: Junichiro Yahazugiri
Nickname: Tsunami Yaha
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6"2'
Weight: 156 Pounds
Reputation: No Threat
Profession: Swordsmen
Vessel: Ship
Hometown: Kurchei, Arabasta

Physical Description:His skin was farely tanned due to the fact he was born in the middle of a desert. His eyes were a fierce red that would dazzle any women with one piercing gaze, they are as deep as blood itself.His teeth were oddly sharp and pointed towards the ends. His skin was soft, but his palm was denser fimer from hard labor. His hair was a dusty blonde that shimmered when the sun struck it at the right angle. He was fairly tall for his age standing tall over most grown men. His weight was quite average it fit his age perfectly and his size. He wore a jacket type thing that surrounded his body and came up to form a hood. It was a deep dark black with the symbol of a shining silver hawk stretched across the back of it. He wore no shirt to show off his muscles and deeply broodish tann. His belt hung down at an angle into two parts one down by his hip the other wrapped fully around, it was a lavishing maroon/charcoal to match his sparkling eyes. His shorts were a very navy blue, that looked like black when you first saw them. His shoes were just plain worn sandals enough to keep him up and running. He had a gaelic cross that hung around his neck (Irish) connected to a thin silver chain.

Clothing: Listed Above
Accessories: Listed Above

Extra: He does have a long tattoo that circles his arm all the way down to his lower forearm and stops at the palm of his hand. It is a black scaled dragon that goes around his arm 5 times. On his underside of his arm between the dragons twirled limbs is written his name in black ink to symbolize himself as a dragon.

Personality:My character likes to joke around a lot he can be funny at times, but completely change into a serious mode if need be it. He is very protective of people he gets to know and trusts, a.k.a his family and friends. He is very bright and is quite the tactician in full scale and small scale attacks, he specializes in ambushes due to his wide-scale attacks and can pull off an assasinations from time to time. He's quite shy around girls though when he gets to know them he opens like a book and they tend to like him due to his looks and talent.


Junichiro was born into the desert kingdom of arabasta, he was raised in the small town of Kurchei. This town was adjacent to Nanahoa and was created after the rebelion to help run supplies from the port city of Nanahoa to the rest of the desert towns faster. They soon became known for their speady delivery using spot-billed ducks.

----His Story----
One day when Juni was helping his father restock the local tavern, some crew decided to cause a scene in the bar. Juni watched from afar, so he wouldn't get injured. At first he thought that it was just another bunch of hooligans from around town, but then he didn't recognize them so they couldn't have been. He witnessed their great strength as the took out the police force and the bartender and grabbed a bag of loot, heading for the hills. Juni was around eight at the time when he decided to be like them free, wild, and strong with the will to do anything. Juni decided that day to become a pirate in the future.

He didn't set out on his Journey until the age of seventeen, he had to prepare and become stronger. His father didn't fully agree with the whole scenario, but he told him as a child to follow his dreams so he didn't want to contradict himself. As they left for the port city, Juni purchased a small yet efficient dingy that would fair well on the ocean. His father held a long stick shaped thing in his hand covered by a cloth, he handed it to him before he stepped into the boat, "This sword should guide you on your way, its much better than that old beat up thing you carry around." Juni took it from his hands and exchanged the blades, a tear came down his eye as he kicked off the dock. His first day as a pirate on the sea's, what name would he make for himself.

Weapon: He posesses a simple katana, with a shimmering black blade. The case quite a sight, its base color is that of the blade but it has a gold ring above the tsuba and towards the end of the casing. The tsuba or guard is a s/z shape and a gold color. The grip has black wrapping and a golden end piece, making the mix of colors stunning to the eye.

Devil Fruit: Mizu Mizu no Mi (Water Water Fruit)
Type: Logia
Abilities: The ability to control and manipulate water and of course evade most attacks as well as turn most of your body into your element, water.


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