howdy :D im Blank

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howdy :D im Blank

Post by Blank on Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:11 pm

Hey everybody Very Happy

Hello im just new here, didnt know were to post an intro or even if you do intros hmm rabbit well this will be my intro, anywhos Very Happy im a fan of onepiece or any anime really the only bad anime iv seen was elfien lied weeeeeeell its not a bad anime but a bit weird in the beard :s

iv only started watching one piece again, after it stop being on tv a while ago leaving me confused and angry on wat happens to luffy and the crew im prob a bit behind on the story so far, last i remeber the straw hat crew were goin to fight sir crocodile guy.

well im back watching one piece and thought an rpg would be cool to join meet some fans of one piece and abit of rp for fun and loot the high seas of treasure Very Happy hehe

i should be making a character now and need a crew to join Wink BT your not goin to catch me scrubbing any poop deck !! pirat

well theres a bit about me Smile hope to meet and know about yous either rp or just simply chatting. well hopefully il get to rp soon after sorting out my character yadda yadda yadda this looks like a pretty ineresting site I hope to enjoy my stay here, and be nice to meet you all cheers.

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