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Samantha Mogami

Post by Sam Mogami on Sat Sep 06, 2008 10:52 pm

NAME:Samantha Mogami



CLOTHING:Depends on wer i m


RANK:#1 on watted lists(considered a threat not cuz strength but cuz im sorta like nami,master theif,trickster,tease)

JOB/FIGHTING STYLE:Captin,theif,swordsmen(women but wutever),kickboxer(cant throw straight punch TT^TT girls r better at kicking then punching anyways...),can do everything need on a ship in case something happens 2 my crew i can take care of myself,ate gum gum fruit

TRAITS:Eye color changes with my emotions,master thief,good with weapons,tricks pthers 2 get wut i want

WEAPON'S:2 Kantas

FAMILY:1 sister

PAST:Parents killed when i was young,ran away from home and became a pirate at the age of 5 and have had a bounty on my head since then

Sam Mogami
Sam Mogami

Number of posts : 776
Age : 26
Location : sailing the high seas!!
Job/hobbies : alot
Humor : good
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